Welcome Letter

Welcome To White Collar Advisers!

I assume you’re here because you’ve been indicted or suspect you may soon be. Getting indicted by the United States Department of Justice is one of the most frightening things that has ever happened to me. I didn’t expect it. I had no attorney, and felt completely disoriented. I didn’t know who to call first, and I was in a panic.

As I started to call attorneys, my anxiety only grew. They smelled fear and applied pressure to engage them ASAP. They demanded retainers of fifty thousand dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand or more, depending on whether I took a plea or went to trial, going to trial would be two hundred and fifty thousand and up, and I still didn’t know what I was being charged with!

I started thinking about my family, my reputation, my finances. Who can I call who’s been through this? Who can I trust to get some clear advice on what to do next?

This process is complex, expensive, and all consuming, it will occupy the next two to four years of your life. It was more than two years from my indictment to sentencing, a time when my life was in complete limbo.

I searched out person consultants online. But again, I didn’t know who was credible. My attorney said prison consultants were scammers trying to make a quick buck. All I knew was that I needed answers fast. I wish I had found an honest reliable consultant. It would have been worth the price to help me develop a strategy to deal with what was coming. The fact is, a few thousand dollars up front would have saved me tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

What I didn’t yet understand was that although the stress of the two years leading up to my confinement was going to be difficult, there were significant new challenges to face once I was in prison.

A business associate of mine told me that I was going to prison long before it happened. I didn’t believe it. My attorney told me that in the worst case I would get three months with an ankle bracelet and three years of probation. Unfortunately, my associate was correct. You are going to prison. The US Attorney’s have a 97% conviction rate. Unless you are in the extremely lucky three percent that get acquitted or win, you are going to prison.

Incarceration takes away all of your control, it restricts your ability to do business and to care for your family. You find yourself struggling with accomplishing simple tasks, like filing your taxes, getting repairs done at home, even paying bills, all things that are on the outside your staff, your assistant, accountants or other professional in your life would handle.

Those linkages are not there when you’re inside. My accountant and friend of twenty years stop doing my work. I lost rental income because there was no one to collect the money. I couldn’t very well pay my attorney $350 an hour to pay my bills, that would be ridiculous.

The helplessness I experienced while I was incarcerated became the genesis of White Collar Advisors. While my personal journey can help you prior to your trial and or sentencing, we can also make your time away easier. We will help with communications, business continuity, family support and more.

White Collar advisors is your staff while you’re away, we will be there to make sure that while you’re away, everything at home is okay.

We will work with your legal team to assist you with the issues that they cannot or do not address. Your attorney’s job is over at sentencing. Now you’re on your own, but you don’t have to be. If you would like to learn more or get some burning questions answered. Please give me a call. My direct number is (315) 217-5888. There’s no charge for the call and no pressure. I’ve been where you are.

I wish you the best as you navigate the Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons, it is a daunting journey.

Craig Jerabeck – Principal and Former Inmate