Consulting Services

Consulting Services

From initial indictment through release we can help guide you and your family.


  • Attorney Selection – Find the right attorney for YOUR case.
  • Should you take a plea or go to trial, what are the risks?
  • We will help you navigate and mitigate embarrassing public exposure, avoiding the perp walk.
  • Contain legal costs
  • PSI Strategy (Pre Sentence Interview). This is very important to get right.


  • Letters to the judge
  • Sentencing guidelines
  • Self Surrender

During incarceration

  • What to expect in prison.
  • Navigating prison life and how to thrive
  • Navigating the Bureau of Prisons (BOP)

Re Entry

  • Early release, filing motions for early release.
  • Halfway House
  • Home Confinement
  • Probation

Family/Spouse Support

Denise Benham (Craig’s significant other) lived through the turmoil of his indictment, arrest, and incarceration. She managed  their personal lives and business lives during Craig’s incarceration. She provided love and the unwavering support so crucial to his emotional well-being. Her experience will be invaluable to your partner/spouse.


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