Pricing represents hourly rates on an ala carte basis. Engagements can also be provided on a monthly retainer basis. (Billing for services is done in fifteen-minute increments).


$250 / hour
  • or $1,750 per day
  • On site visits at your location $2,500 per day (plus travel expenses)
  • All consulting services are direct with Craig Jerabeck or Denise Benham
  • Monthly retainers can individually negotiated based on client needs


$60 / hour
  • All paralegal services

Legal Fees

  • Cost plus 10% administrative fee
  • Fee waived for monthly retainer clients

Administrative Support

$40 / hour
  • All administrative services

Outsourced Services

  • Cost plus 10% administrative charge
  • Fees waived for monthly retainer clients.

Block of Hours

If you don’t want to enter into a retainer, you can purchase time in blocks of hours.

Four (4) Hours


Ten (10) Hours


Monthly Retainers

Fees begin at $1,500 per month or can be individually negotiated.

$1,500 Monthly Retainer

$1,500 / month
  • Up to five hours per month of Craig and/or Denise’s time
  • Up to $500 per month in services from any of our team members
  • Waived administrative fees for outsourced services
  • $500 discount on full day visits

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