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About White Collar Advisers - Your Trusted Prison Consultant

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White Collar Advisers was founded by Craig Jerabeck who served a fourteen month sentence at Mckean Federal Correctional Institution Camp (FCP-Mckeen) in Bradford P.A.

Craig founded WCA to fill a void in the prison consulting space. While there are handful of prison consultants in the marketplace, none offered the answers or peace of mind he was seeking, more over their services generally stopped upon confinement.

WCA’s mission is to help you with your entire journey from indictment & attorney selection to re entry. WCA is uniquely qualified to help create smooth transitions and ongoing support for you, your family and your business, if needed.

With a team of attorneys, paralegals, administrative professionals, I.T. support and more, WCA will help you navigate what will surely be the most trying time of your life. Think of WCA not just as a professional advisor, but as a trusted concierge business consultant to help you with anything you may need while you are away.

While your attorney knows the laws, he or she doesn’t know what happens after you are convicted and incarcerated. My attorney did not know what my life would be like after sentencing. He could not prepare me for what came next, because he had never been through it.

We have been there and can shed light on the burning questions you have.

  • Who is the best attorney for my case?

  • What will prison camp be like? Is it dangerous? How will I fit in? How much time will I really serve?

  • Who will take care of my family and businesses while I'm away?

  • What is the half way house like?

  • What is R.D.A.P? Can I reduce my time with the drug program?

White Collar Adviser’s job is to answer those questions and the many more you will have.

We will help fill in the gaps for all the important roles you play on the outside when you were living your life. WCA will help you navigate the journey, simplifying life for you and your family.

Prison life is stressful, not only because what you will experience inside, more importantly for what you cannot control outside.

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