Your trusted prison consultant from
indictment to release

We will help with communications, business continuity, family support & more.


Consulting Services

WCA can advise you from the pre-indictment phase all the way through to sentencing & confinement.


Legal Support

WCA will work with your legal team or help you find the best legal team for your case.


Conceirge Services

We will handle communications, bill payment services, property management & more.


Business Continuity Services

We will work with you and your team to make sure your business operations carry on during your time away.

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About White Collar Advisers

White Collar Advisers was founded by Craig Jerabeck who served a fourteen month sentence at Mckean Federal Correctional Institution Camp (FCP-Mckeen) in Bradford P.A.

Craig founded WCA to fill a void in the prison consulting space. While there are handful of prison consultants in the marketplace, none offered the answers or peace of mind he was seeking, more over their services generally stopped upon confinement.

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